Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Cheerful life

My Dear friends.

Good Morning.
Now today onward ,i will share my views and experiences. Question is for what? Answer is very simple.I, being a human want every people of the world in the ocean of happiness.Whatsoever is the condition or situation, whatsoever is the tension or hurdle ,whatsoever is the reason of failure in any field of life.What we have to do is "cheer".God has blessed us with wonderful life as a human.we can't let it down or in danger just because we couldn't do something which we had dreamed for , we couldn't achieve somethings which we had planned for. No, Not in any way.There are few things which we can miss or couldn't have  but my dear friends ,there are thousands of things which are waiting for us. We have to keep our tensions,  failure, difficulties, hurdles,disappointment,depression in the well of hell .We have to keep ourselves motivated .What you know ,motivation will only work in togetherness with happiness.Keep yourselves glee and calm.We together have to keep ourselves and people smiling. I am leaving you all with a question.How you define Happiness ?
 See you soon. Have a nice day.
Good Bye.

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